Enlightened design for the outdoor industry and more

By using an integrated engineered design, prototyping and testing process, we can make the difference.


Using advanced CAD systems, helps deliver the best solutions. Solidworks 2015 CAD allows us to give your product the edge. See your designs come to life and explore their function and form before you make anything!


The combination of our HAAS VMC milling centre and HSMWorks delivers fully functional prototypes, not just pretty models. It allows seamless integration and fast results, reducing the required knowledge transfer to a minimum.


Once you’ve designed your product, you will need to test, appraise and improve your design. With expert knowledge we can develop static, fatigue and vibrational testing regimes.


Furthermore we can organise field trials based at our Italian facility in the heart of the Dolomites where your team can assemble for focused product development sessions, accomodating staff in our comfortable apartments and providing a great workspace.


Using our extensive contacts throughout the outdoor industry we can bring your product to life. Whether it be designing your product for forging or injection moulding, making economies in assembly or designing prodution flow and assembly cells, we can help.

Assembly and production machinery

Using an extensive background in production machinery allows us to design and build fully automated lines, in house testing machines, or manual assembly cells for your production facilities.

Quality Assurance

With access to one of the best Quality Assurance managers in the business, we are confident we can implement the right system to make sure that only the best leaves your factories.

Who is Outdoor Creative

First and foremost we are designers. Secondly, we're crazy about the mountains!

We are design professionals which means we are all qualified, time served engineers, product designers and production experts. We're not a company but a collective which pools our resources and knowledge to make our offering to the end customer as effective as possible. Designers, product managers, industrial engineers, quality assurance experts, controls experts and destructive testing specialists. Secondly we are passionate about the outdoors. Users, breakers and evaluators of kit. The outdoors is a tough environment, products have to endure all kinds of abuse whilst being the lightest they can be; all the contradictions that make product design interesting and fun! We concentrate on hard engineered goods providing all the knowledge you need for safety critical items, which makes us ideal partners for small companies with small resources and large companies looking to move into new markets. As the saying goes, the six most expensive words in business are “We've Always Done It That Way” . We believe its important to interrogate a problem before designing, only maintaining the norm if it's the best way to achieve a result. Our decades of experience delivering turnkey bespoke machinery means not only do you arrive at a design, but ensures that it's designed for manufacture and that we can deliver a full assembly, testing and quality assurance system.



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