Assembly and production machinery

With a combined experience of decades within the assembly, packaging, data aquisition, testing and production machinery industries, we feel we can offer companies something very specialised. With the increasing cost of manufacturing from a far eastern base, the tide is turning and overheads are not what they used to be. Companies are beginning to return their manufacturing facilities back to europe and the US as it allows greater control over safety critical products, production protocols and allows you to retain IP securely whilst developing a more advanced product. Automating production achieves consistant quality, tracability, and long term savings. We can integrate quality assurance systems into your lines to reduce handling and increase throughput. Vision systems, laser marking, barcoding, data aquisition and proof loading are areas of expertise in which we specialise. By understanding the end requirement we can bring together all the knowledge needed to design, procure and assemble complete systems to offer you a turn key solution to match your needs.

special purpose bespoke industrial asssembly production packaging warehousing anf testing machinery jig fixtures

A packing card elevator, part of a robotised palletising plant designed by Outdoor Creative