We have years of creative experience between us. We  come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds from hard mechanical engineering through to product design. To create we use the industry standard SolidWorks 3d CAD system to generate the best models of your product ready for the next stage, whether that be models for visulisation and marketing exercises, STL, IGES, STEP, Parasolid and other generic files for prototyping services, stress analysis (FEA / FEM), 2d production files to outsourced manufacturers or the whole thing from beginning to end. Using solid and surfacing techniques allows us to generate the highly complex shapes needed for forged and injection moulded items and with a hard engineering background, not only can we fulfill your aesthetic requirements, but we can also make your product work as it should. At the very centre of what we do, we place importance upon using our cross discipline knowledge to bring together production methods, design for assembly, ensuring that the product will be structurally robust and material selection to achieve the best results. And with the ability to prototype and test items inhouse we have the perfect set up to accelerate your project.

Belay plate

Concept generation, complex shapes and forging in one early stage development.