The advancement of prototyping technology is driving our industry. Techniques are faster, more accurate and more reproducable than ever before. We work with a number of partner companies to deliver a vast selection of prototyping options. In house we have 3 axis CNC machining using our HAAS Vertical Machining Centre. This delivers parts accurate to within 0.2mm as standard in just about any material available. We chose this route because whilst modern additive manufacturing methodology is great for checking aesthetics and ergonomics, it tells you virtually nothing about a parts mechanical and structural performance. Because we use Computer Aided Manufacturing systems which are fully integrated within Solidworks, we are able to extremely quickly progress from an on screen image to a fully functional metal part made from the correct material. Added to this we can apply the correct heat treatments using our programable oven and with outsourced finishing we can offer true representations of your parts. Whilst we concentrate on delivering metal hardware in house, we also can source and procure SLS, SLA, and Vacuum Cast parts through a network of contacts.

Once we’ve fine tuned your design, we can then also subject your items to destructive testing, either adhering to the minimum CE standards applicable to your parts or developing a test regime to prove your design to your own requirements, we’ll ensure that your product is up to scratch. Using the results we can revisit the designs we’ve created and improve them based on the findings until your design has been optimised.

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