Testing Regimes

Testing takes many different forms: tensile strength, compressive strength, torsional stength, cyclic fatigue, environmental and field. Using our experience of product usage we can design testing regimes to ensure that your design conforms firstly to the required minimum CE standards, but also to further requirements set by yourself. This can be invaluable when bringing to market entirely new systems. Examples of testing undertaken would include:

  • Destructive: to find yield and ultimate tensile stength of a product.
  • Cyclic and fatigue: followed by residual strength tests to determine the effect of continual use.
  • Environmental: exposing equipment to accelerated aging by corrosion looking for problems induced by Stress Corrosion Cracking, Galvanic corrosion, temperature fluctuations, moisture fluctuations amongst many others
  • Impact: both slow, controlled and high speed impacts
  • Slippage: ideal for buckle design, proving an item passes or exceeds new UIAA minimums
  • Proof loading regimes: identifying appropriate levels for your continual QA programme and designing batch size.

If you have an unusual application or are unsure about how we might be able to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have an Instron 10 Tonne universal testing machine and can adapt to most requests. We also have the knowledge to design special purpose jigs or entire testing systems suitable for an inhouse application.

Destructive Tensile testing

Bench mark testing aramid-p fibres.